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FYI...this sounds like good suggestion...


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Subject: [ opende-Feature Requests-1526353 ] Trimesh-Collision:
last_trans member one level up

Currently the last_trans-matrix is stored in the
Mesh-Resource aka TriMeshData. This is a problem, if i
am having two TriMeshes to collide but share the same

So I have put it into the struct dxTriMesh by declaring
it in collision_trimesh_internal.h

Every access to the last_trans Member of dxTriMeshData
in  collision_trimesh_trimesh.cpp was then redirected
to the dxTriMesh-last_trans by me.

Finally, to get access to this dxTriMesh-Level
last_trans i have added

void dGeomTriMeshSetLastTransform(dxTriMesh* g, double*

    for (int i=0; i<4; i++)
        for (int j=0; j<4; j++)
            g->instance_last_trans.m[i][j] = (dReal) elem[i*4
+ j];


in collision_trimesh.cpp. Also i have declared
in its header collision_trimesh.h :
typedef struct dxTriMesh* dTriMeshID;


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