[ODE] ODE 0.6: configure script

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 20 09:13:19 MST 2006

> > Regarding HAVE_STDLIB_H, you are probably getting an "already defined"
> > warning right? if so, you can manually change [...]

> That means that no one can use "vanilla" libjpeg and libode without being flooded by warnings ? :)

Could you add this as a bug to the sourceforge tracker?


It seems reasonable for ODE to fully co-exist with at least some of
the more common libraries and 'libjpeg' seems to fit the bill for that
list ...

btw. I'm assuming this problem happens with recent versions of
'libjpeg', you have a distro i've not heard of and so i'm just
checking it's not caused by an old header... it sounds like a problem
on both ends though, so the libjpeg version shouldn't really matter
much in this case.


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