[ODE] ODE 0.6: configure script

Julien Lollivier julien.lollivier at quiris.com
Thu Jul 20 07:25:08 MST 2006

> if you already installed it then adding /usr/X11R6/lib to the 
> LIBRARY_PATH environment variable might help.
Thanks, you're right, it works.

Why do I need to set the LIBRARY_PATH for ODE ? I've compiled a lot of apps and libs that were using GLU without this. Is there a reason ?

Another question (not related to ODE itself): the file include/ode/config.h defines the symbol HAVE_STDLIB_H (with value 1) so it collides with libjpeg jconfig.h header file, and generate a warning. Is there a way to avoid this ?

Julien Lollivier,

Quiris Informatique - Groupe Adhara
adhara.nantes at adhara.fr

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