[ODE] ODE-0.6 install problem!

jojo20@mail.goo.ne.jp jojo20 at mail.goo.ne.jp
Mon Jul 17 01:21:06 MST 2006

I tried to install ODE-0.6.

But I had problem of installing.

My enviroment is windows2000/cygwin.

First, I unzip "ode-src-0.6.zip".

Second, I following INSTALL.txt in ode-0.6.

detail command is ...

 " sh autgen.sh "

 " ./configure  "

 " make "

I had message doing "make".

test_basket.cpp: In function 'void simLoop(int)';
test_basket.cpp: 183: error: '_isnanf' undeclared(first use thins function)
test_basket.cpp: 183: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each func
tion it appears in.)

Then, "make" stopped.

I had message below doing "./configure"

Checking for isnan ... yes
Checking for isnanf ... yes
Checking for _isnan ... yes
Checking for _isnanf ... yes
Checking for __isnan ... no
Checking for __isnanf ... no

Are these messages connected with an error?

Thanks for your watching. :)
please help me.

jojo  :   jojo20 at mail.goo.ne.jp  

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