[ODE] Patch 1032248: Slider2

gcarlton@iinet.net.au gcarlton at iinet.net.au
Sun Jul 16 16:08:27 MST 2006

I certainly found this useful, but I'm not sure it should be in ODE proper.  I
found making a vehicle with frictionless spheres/capsules with sliders to be
very jittery, but with this slider2 they were better.  It duplicates the hinge2
slider code, which is intriguingly different to the normal slider code.

Whether it belongs to ODE really boils down to whether other people would also
find that implementation superior, or whether it was just unique to my
particular situation.  A good test would be to get a fresh build, add the slider
and make a test-world example with a box and four slider/slider2/joint2 spheres.
 If I get time I may play around with this, but not for a while.

As for the documentation, if we did want to add it, it would be easy to do - its
just the slider but without the ability to set the joint stops.


Quoting Jason Perkins <starkos at gmail.com>:

> Geoff Carlton submitted a patch for a new joint "Slider2":
>   Slider2 joint type. Alternate implementation of the
>   slider joint using similar code to the hinge2. Has no
>   motors or joint limits. Set erp and cfm in the same
>   was as the hinge2, using the suspension parameters.
> You can view the patch here:
> Any thoughts on this? Yea? Nay? Geoff, would you be willing to submit
> some documentation for this?
> Jason
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