[ODE] Question about hinge2 joint

Tristan McMillan tmcmillan at tmiconsult.co.za
Sat Jul 15 05:34:52 MST 2006


This is a bit of a newbie question but I just can't wrap my brain around

I've been trying to create a car in ode and I'm using the hinge2 joint
for the wheels. I have created a body for each wheel and connected to
the main car body using a hinge2 joint for each. 

Now the problem comes in when I try add a torque to each rear wheels.
I'm not sure if the wheels are reference in a body axis system or
relative to the world. In other words I'm not sure if I need to break
the torque up relative to the co-ordinates received from the
dJointGetUniversalAxis2 function or just keep adding it about a singular
axis that I intially set when I created the body.

I've implemented both and the results both don't look seem to work


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