[ODE] Proposal: Change Heightfield Origin

gl gl at ntlworld.com
Fri Jul 14 03:30:07 MST 2006

Can heightfields be rotated now?  If yes, centering the origin makes a lot 
more sense.  If no, you may want that in the future, so again centering is 
the right way to go imo.  That plus I also think it's more consistent.

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>> Sorry, you're right. I realize a lot more data is in double precision 
>> than I suspected
> Hi, I've made a patch to add single and double precision paths through
> the code, so that it's decoupled from the ODE build precision. However
> I'm having trouble commiting it to sourceforge. I've sent the patch
> file to Jason and hopefully he'll have better luck with SVN than I'm
> having...
> As for the origin change, it's clear that boths ways have their merits
> and supporters... worse is that it's really not something that I think
> should be optional at run time because that's just gonna cause some
> horrible support requests.
> Maybe a compromise is to use an internal #define in heightfield.cpp to
> revert to the original code for those who prefer the existing
> orientation... I guess as you can't please everyone with one solution,
> a well documented build option is the best way of dealing with this?
> Regards,
> Dave.
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