[ODE] Control my spaceships

Michael Molkenthin molle at michael-molkenthin.de
Fri Jul 14 02:51:37 MST 2006

Dear ODE-Community,

in the past i have controlled the wings of my spaceships by setting 
linear-velocity and rotationmatrices directly. Currently with ODE i am 
trying to re-implement the mousecontrol for my own flyer and 
"bot"-control for the others.

To control the flyer's wings to the needed direction i am using 
dBodyAddRelTorque(). How could i calculate/scale the Torque accurately to 
rotate and stabilize the wings considering the various masses and densities of my 
spaceships?  Where could i find the formula in the source to predict the 
effectiveness of an applied Torque, it would have in the next simulation 


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