[ODE] Proposal: Change Heightfield Origin

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 13 09:01:20 MST 2006

> I would tend to say that re-orienting it to be centered at 0/0 would
> be far more logical.  That said, I bake my heightmaps into trimeshes
> rather than use the heightmap collider, so I'm not of your user base
> to have a say in the matter.
> In the end, not sure it really matters.  Centered is more logical, but
> you just author your systems to work with wherever it assumes the
> center.

I think I gave up too easily before, I'm going to have another stab at
this because you're right - it is more logical. It's early enough in
the life of this feature to change the ground rules about it's

I'm not promising anything more successful, but it makes sense to aim
for this - if only for the consistency aspect.


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