[ODE] Proposal: Change Heightfield Origin

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 13 05:09:19 MST 2006

Hi, for those who aren't aware, the origin of the heightfield geom
type is located at the corner (where local X = 0 and local Z = 0).

Would it be desirable or undesirable for a change to be made such that
the heightfield is positioned and rotated around the centre of it's
X/Z extents at zero height? It wouldn't be a particular major task to
change this, but it would obviously affect anyone currently using this
new primitive.

Anyway, it seems more consistent to me as all of the other placeable
primitives work using an origin at the centre, and personally would
work out better for the project i'm currently working on (which is
merely the motivation for this initial proposal).

So, any thoughts? agreement? disagreement? etc.  : - )


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