[ODE] Loading trimesh from file

Ecker, Bryan R Bryan.Ecker at iff.navy.mil
Tue Jul 11 08:39:45 MST 2006

Hello everyone,


I have a couple of noob questions for you that hopefully will be an easy


I am trying to load up a gaming area (which is an .osg building model
with all the interior done up), and I want to put a player in it.
Naturally I don't want the player to walk through walls or drop thorugh
the floor - So I assume that I am to build the building geom as a
trimesh. (To get things started, I had originally just made an infinite
plane at ground level, but of course, I can still walk through walls).


I hate to sound dopey, but I'm finding the documentation on trimeshes
really confusing. I also checked out the sample test_moving_trimesh
source, and I'm just not getting it. Plus I'm loading a area from a
model file, while the sample hardcodes trimesh data within the code, and
I don't see how to correlate that to reading a model file.


Are there any samples out there available that I can use as a tutorial
for loading in a building (or any gaming environment) and making it
solid? Any other pointers?




Another quick unrelated question: Has anyone worked ODE with Cal3d? I'm
using a capsule as a bounding shape for my Cal3D character, but I know
it could be better. I'm wondering if its possible to use a trimesh on
the character and have the mesh move as the character moves - anybody
have any tips, pointers or sample code to pull that off?

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