[ODE] Delphi ODE - Trimesh

Ricardo Del Roio ricardodr at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 12:34:11 MST 2006

Hello there!
I have some doubts. Can anyone help me please? I know you guys are 
experts in ODE :-)

I'm using the Delphi ODE to make a simple car game.
The road I did on 3DS... I import it from Delphi and "apply" the ODE 
Trimesh on the road faces.
When my car starts to run, it falls in some small holes. This holes make 
the car jump a little.
I read something about it in the mail list, but nothing with Delphi 
ODE.. I don't know if this is the same problem.
What can I do to fix it?

Another thing... if I want to change the car to a bicycle, what you 
Keep the the "ODE model" of the car or change it to another thing?

Thank you guys!!!
Ricardo, from Brazil :-D

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