[ODE] [SPAM] Re: Heightfield collider

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 7 08:03:02 MST 2006

> Previous implementation (dTerrainCallback using dReal) didn't have that
> "uniform spaced grid" prerequisites and could handle both cases.

I see what you mean, and it seems like a good feature to incorporate
in the future.

Please could you add this as a feature request in Sourceforge?


It won't be something that I could add quickly, especially as it would
need to be pretty extensively tested first and as we still don't have
visualisation function for the heightfields we have just now ( i'm
working on that :-) ) that would be pretty hard.

Also I've added documentation for the heightfield code to SVN, I think
that the sourceforge servers will update to include this in a day or
so. I hope this explains what we currently have well enough, and that
you can live without non-uniform cell spacing for the time being.


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