[ODE] some quick notes on 0.6...

gcarlton@iinet.net.au gcarlton at iinet.net.au
Mon Jul 3 16:24:05 MST 2006

> You can find both my patch and test_heightfield at my quickly knocked
> up page here:
> http://hidden.asbestos.googlepages.com/
> I hope this can be integrated into SVN because in my opinion it's a
> usable enough to benefit a great number of people.
> If anyone has any questions, as i've probably missed out something in
> this mail, then fire away!
> Regards,
> David Walters

I've just had a browse of the patch, and I'm impressed.  Looks like a lot of
work has been put into this.

As the example code shows, the z-up is as trivial as:
  dMatrix3 R;
  dRSetIdentity( R );
  dRFromAxisAndAngle( R, 1, 0, 0, DEGTORAD * 90 );
  dGeomSetRotation( gheight, R );

To make it even easier, we may want provide the rotation directly:
  const dMatrix3* dGetHeightfieldZUpRotation();  

Regardless, I'm definitely looking forward to this being in SVN.


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