[ODE] Trimesh problems

Marco Grubert mgrubert at conitec.net
Tue Jan 10 20:06:27 MST 2006

Is there a working heightmap collider for ODE 0.5 or are you referring to 
your own application ?

- Marco Grubert

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> If you really do have a heightmap, you're throwing away a good solution
> to try to convert it to a trimesh.  Why do you say the heightmap would
> have been too costly?
> Heightmaps have several advantages.  They get the collision right even
> with full penetration, the normal calculations are always good, and they
> are more efficient.
> Geoff
> Anders Olofsson wrote:
>>My mesh is actually derived from a heightmap (dem file) but using the
>>heightmap directly would have been too costly, so I reduce it to a trimesh
>>(this causes the large triangles..). In my little test the sides of the
>>triangle that fails is 20000 units long and the spheres has a radius of 10
>>units. Is this somewhere near your terrain tris in size?.
>>If I manage I'll compare the heightmap/trimesh code, but dont the 
>>code use plane collisions somehow (wich work ok)?.
>>--Anders Olofsson
>>At 11:45 2006-01-10, you wrote:
>>>This might help indirectly - the heightmap contribution works correctly 
>>>spheres, at least last time I worked with it.  I had fairly large terrain
>>>tris, and spheres rolled nicely on them, didn't jump at edges etc.  In 
>>>I even wrote a little custom sphere/tri collider for it IIRC, but even 
>>>default worked for me.
>>>If you check the code you might find the problem in the tricollider (if 
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