[ODE] Fwd: Re: Trimesh problems

Anders Olofsson anders.olofsson at biologigrand.ac
Tue Jan 10 05:13:09 MST 2006

Ok, sort of my experience too, never rests on large tris.

I think I'll give up on spheres soon, the only geometry I'll use them for 
is wheels and maybe I can switch to use ray<->trimesh collision for that 
instead. Opens up a whole new sets of problems tough, so spheres would be nice.

Thanks, tried to download Minas Tirith demo but its download link was down.

--Anders Olofsson

>At 19:14 2006-01-10, you wrote:
>>For what it's worth.. i tried to apply this patch to my standard 0.5 
>>version in my Minas Tirith demo, and this modification:
>>//Dist= Radius - Dist;
>>Dist= Radius - side; // (mg) penetration depth is distance along normal 
>>not shortest distance
>>Make all my spheres bounce like hell ( and never come at a rest ) on flat 
>>I'll stay with the stable version for now.
>>F. Brebion
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