[ODE] Fwd: Re: Trimesh problems

Anders Olofsson anders.olofsson at biologigrand.ac
Mon Jan 9 17:07:21 MST 2006

I tried that but not much improvement, still jumpy on large triangles (but 
they did jump different ;) ). I did find another post on jumpy/bouncy 
spheres on trimeshes, but no mention on large triangles. The 
dWorldSetContactMaxCorrectingVel and dWorldSetContactSurfaceLayer functions 
was mentioned, going to read about those and try but I'm a nonbeliver.


--Anders Olofsson
>At 00:31 2006-01-10, you wrote:
>>In addition to larger CFM, try a smaller ERP, too. Try something like 
>>0.99, or perhaps 0.999. Some small penetrations is usually better than 
>>instability ;-)
>>                         / h+

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