[ODE] Shifting body center of mass

Railey, Ken krailey at amazon.com
Wed Jan 4 15:59:20 MST 2006

What are the chances that there is a less fancy (older/newer?) version of carworld floating around for those of us without all of the new-fangldy shader support? I would love to try it out, but it won't start up on my lame-o card :(


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It is documented in the ODE manual that the center of mass in the dMass 
structure is not actually effective. Instead, you have to move the geoms 
that your body uses in the other direction.

As always, there is source code for a car simulation using ODE available 
at http://www.mindcontrol.org/~hplus/carworld/


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Thompson, Randy AMRDEC/SAIC wrote:
> The displacement of the center of mass seems to have no effect on my 
> models behavior.  I have tried moving the CM in x, y and z directions 
> large distances and it has no effect.
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