[ODE] Simple FPS-like character

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Wed Jan 4 04:16:55 MST 2006


why capsule doesn't work well? I am using capsule for actors in environment
made by huge trimesh and it works and as far as I know most of users use
this approach too even with other physical engines.

My characters climb the stairs very well. I have different problem because
they climb almost everywhere :-) It maybe depends on the way how you move
them. Are you applying forces or do you set linear velocities directly?

The capsule maybe is not only approach but it is often suggested.

Jindrich Rohlik

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Predmet: [ODE] Simple FPS-like character

I've been using ODE for years now, but i'm still amazed at the lack of
support for simple characters collision detection/simulation.

Browsing the mailing list archive, it seems like the question isn't
asked very often - every 6 months in average -. Does that mean nobody
uses ODE for first-person games/simulations ?

In general, it was suggested to use a capped cylinder to simulate a
character. This doesn't work well in a generic environment ( made of
many complex tri-meshes ), with staircases.

In the past months, i've been using a capsule ( a cylinder capped by two
half spheres ). Unfortunately, you have to make the spheres have a large
radius to be able to smoothly climb the stairs. And spheres with a
larger radius mean that your character is "fat", and can no longer fit
doors entrances, for instance.

The best solution would be to use a simple ellipsoid. Unfortunately, ODE
does not support it, nor is there any function to set a non-uniform
scale to spheres.

Any suggestion ?

F. Brebion

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