[ODE] how to setup this scenario?

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Wed Feb 22 14:59:58 MST 2006

To model the plunger, I would create a ccylinder, and attach it to the 
world using a slider joint. The slider joint should have its low and 
high stops set at 0, and should have its stop parameters (ERP and CFM) 
set to work like a spring, not a brick wall.

When pressing the plunger, start a counter. Apply a force to the 
ccylinder (pushing it backwards) that's proportional to the amount of 
time that has elapsed. This will make the plunger push further and 
further back.

An alternative would be to just fake it, and build the plunger with 
collisions only, no joint. Animate it manually. That's cheating, though :-)


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Javier Loureiro Varela wrote:
>         I'm doing small pinball game using ODE...

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