[ODE] ODE on x86_64 machine

steve1011 steve1011 at att.net
Tue Feb 21 17:36:01 MST 2006

Go to http://ode.org/ , click on 'community', find ODE Wiki and click on 
'ODE Wiki area', find and click on 'StableVsUnstable 

Or, you can click on http://ode.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?StableVsUnstable .

This page describes CVS access.

Cheers, Steve

Simon Su wrote:

>Hi Steve,
>Yes I am using 0.5 stable release. I am sorry but
>where can I find the updated version you mentioned? 
>I did a cvs checkout just now with 
>cvs -z3
>-d:pserver:anonymous at cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/opende
>co -P ode
>and compiling that version with the Percision=SINGLE
>and OPCODE line uncommented, I got the same
>compilation complain.
>OPCODE/OPC_AABBTree.cpp:295: error: cast from
>'Opcode::AABBTreeNode*' to 'udword' loses precision
>OPCODE/OPC_AABBTree.cpp:309: error: cast from
>'Opcode::AABBTreeNode*' to 'udword' loses precision
>Thank you very much
>I think you are using the 0.5 stable release. I
>changed all loss of 
>precision errors to ulong and got it to compile. There
>are a lot of 
>them. Header files too.
>Or, if you work with the unstable release you won't
>have to change 
>anything, except for the make file reference to the
>X11 library. You 
>will want to use the 64 bit version. I don't know what
>you do for MS 
>Windows since it doesn't use X.
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