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Thanks for the response.
  I have a follow-up question.
  What kind of destructive game scenario would "stress" out both collision detection and iterative LCP solver to a comparable degree, so that ODE spends similar amount of time in each.  
  For example, we designed an example a  single castle (made up of bricks resting on top of each other) destroy ted by the cannon ball. In this example, most of the time (close to 90%) is spent LCP solver. So I would like to design a game scenario which will strike a more even balance between collision detection and the solver.
  Just to give a right background, my focus is on performance analysis and optimization of game physics, rather than game design. So I would like to be able to quickly build the game scenario and focus the rest of the time on the above two issues.
  Thanks much,

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Check out OGRE, there's a couple of demos that do a reasonable job of
stressing QuickStep (I recall a Jenga-style stack of cylinders for

You might want to check for game demos from the community that happen
to use ODE, rather than straight up ODE demos. There should be at
least a few in OGRE, I assume there's a few using Crystal Space, etc;
I doubt any will necessarily stress ODE, but the trouble is that
"stress" is rather relative.

It depends entirely on what you need out of ODE as to how heavy you
can make your sim... joint linkage complexity, frictional model,
forces applied, step size and iterations required for your sim's
desired level of accuracy, etc.

All I could really say is that, in terms of the other free/opensource
offerings, ODE's one of the better ones. Novodex's sim appears to be
faster, but their code is very limited in terms of what you can do
with it; They've made it a very "hands off" simulation, since Novodex
is meant to work with physics hardware, which means that you really
can't do any custom tweaking within the sim. Either it does what you
need, or doesn't... if you want something like a "hovering character"
instead of their more rigid character, there's just not much you can

On 2/20/06, Misha Smelyanskiy wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a new-bee to ODE and game programming.
> Can someone please recommend a link to a nice-looking open source demo
> written using ODE. More specifically, I am interested in some small but
> realistic game scenario which stresses out the collision detection and
> iterative solver.
> For example, a bunch of robots shooting a few high buildings, making a lot
> of rubble, would be one such example.
> Alternatively, if you can recommend some tool I can use to build and
> simulate (via ODE) such an example, that'd be great too.
> Thank you for your advice,
> Mike
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