[ODE] JoyStick Support

Tristan Martindale trmartindale at tmiconsult.co.za
Mon Feb 13 04:28:31 MST 2006


I am wondering if there is any kind of joystick support for ode. i have
taken a look through the drawstuff.cpp and x11.cpp files and located the
handleEvent method. I see that it only has keyboard and mouse support.
Has anyone thought of or actually implemented a joystick interface.

I have an idea of how to do it and I would use the plib joystick
interface. But before I climb into that I would like to know if it
already exists. I believe that Delta3D may have what I am looking for
but I currently don't have the time to go through that and get it
working. I want to use ode's drawstuff for testing purposes at this
stage. Later I will move it into Delta3D.


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