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You might give OGRE a try.  It's a rendering engine that's reasonably
user-friendly, and it has an ODE extension.  I think Crystal Space
might have one too, and I believe Irrlicht has some manner of support
for ODE as well.  There's also Nebula 2.

There's also PyOGRE (and likely other high-level wrappers) if you want
to do this in script rather than compiled code.

If your goal to make a game/demo/etc, just start with an existing
engine.  You only need start from scratch if your goal is to
specifically design an engine.

On 2/4/06, alaysamhak at aol.com <alaysamhak at aol.com> wrote:
> Hello All, I just recently subscribed to the mailing list, just wanted to
> say hello. I would like to use ode to design a robot. I would like to see if
> this robot can learn to walk, by applying certain forces to multiple joints
> at each time step, and see if I can compute the end velocity of the entire
> body. This is mainly for a thesis I'm working on. Do you recommend I use
> ode? if not are there other options?
> -ALso I'm having trouble getting started, I'm pretty good at programming in
> c++, however, I typically have problems getting started with the software,
> configuring everything. I went to the website and I downloaded binary
> releases for windows, since I'm most comfortable with windows. However I get
> this ode-0.5.tar file, I tried opening it in microsoft visual studio 6.0,
> however, it seems like it can't read the file. Can someone help me get
> started, let me know what kind of software and development environment I
> need to use?
> ALso to be able to draw the spider it seems like i need opengL, where can I
> get it from and how do i configure it with ode?
> Thank you very much in advance,
> -Bill
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