[ODE] ODE and the STL

Vrej Melkonian vmelkon at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 27 12:27:38 MST 2006

Good. It's not difficult to have code that dynamically
allocate space for your array (aligned or not), in
other words, replace std::vector.
It's best to not put STL in ODE.

--- erwin at erwincoumans.com wrote:

> Unfortunately some STL implementations have issues
> dealing with storing 
> aligned data (for example SIMD aligned vectors on
> 16-byte boundaries). 
> Just writing your custom allocator is not enough:
> current MSVC 2005 STL 
> implementation still has issues with this. (just
> google for it). 
> I'm moving away from STL in the Bullet library by
> using a few replacements 
> (interface is a subset of the STL interface).
> Erwin 
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