[ODE] Builder C++ 6, unresolved externals

Tomek Klin klinikk at o2.pl
Wed Dec 27 07:51:28 MST 2006

try convert dll witch coff2omf.exe

> Hi!

> I'm trying to use ode-0.7 with Borland C++ 6. I managed to do it using
> the precompiled dll, and converting the associated lib file with
> implib.exe.

> But now, with ode-0.7 I have a strange problem. First, I had to use an
> option with implib in order to force the addition of _ prefix to the
> symbols. This option was not necessary with ode 0.6. But even after
> this, there are some functions such as dWorldStep or dWorldSetGravity
> that fail to link.

> I've compiled ode myself using Visual 2003, and I've tried to find a
> difference between the definition of dWorldStep and, e.g. dWorldCreate,
> which links perfectly. But I didn't see any clue.

> Please, can anybody give some help?

> Thank you.

> Ignacio

Tomek Klin

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