[ODE] New release?

Lode Vanacken lode.vanacken at uhasselt.be
Mon Dec 25 09:32:54 MST 2006

Bram Stolk wrote:

> It's best to create a bug report at SF for this.
>I did this for you, it is now at:
Thanks, I have no account. Maybe time to create one..

>Also: replacing dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSimple() with a 
>dGeomTriMeshDataBuildDouble() or dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSingle() does
>not fix this.
>So it must be in the remaining difference with the other
>trimesh tests, that do work.
>test_trimesh uses dVector3 with is an array of 4 dReals.
>This makes the 'stride' different from that used in the other
>My guess is that GIMPACT does not properly handle non-default
>strides, whereas OPCODE does.
I think that GIMPACT believes that the stride is always 3. I discovered 
this when stepping
through the creation code, but did not have the time to look at the 
difference with Opcode.
I will try to take a deeper look tomorrow after X-mas.


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