[ODE] Undocumented features, misc. random questions

Lukas Irwin luke at energenesis.com
Sat Dec 23 23:29:31 MST 2006

1) What is a heightfield/ how do I use it?

2) What are the undocumented ray functions for closest collision point data?

3) Are there any other undocumented features?

4) Are the standard geometry class numbers borked?

Consider colliding a ray against a triangle mesh. This works:
if (dGeomGetClass(geo) == 7) { cout << "type 7 geom." << endl;}

but this doesn't:
if (dGeomGetClass(geo) == dTriMeshClass){ cout << "trimesh geom." << endl;}

5) Is there an example ov using an amotor to force a capsule to stand upright? 

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