[ODE] How to compute local yaw, pitch and roll

George Birbilis birbilis at kagi.com
Fri Dec 22 06:55:39 MST 2006

> I have a problem, trying to implement a small "flight simulateur" with
> ode,
> i need to have local yaw, pitch and roll of an object (the drone).

Read the attached file (in Logo language - using it with 3impact OOP API for
Delphi) that implements Turtle (self-relative) navigation. 3impact uses ODE
under the hood, so it plays too with quaternions

also can read some postings on 3impact forum (public) on how to get such
angles (a guy making a flight simulator was asking), but I couldn't make the
code posted there work as I expected, that's why I wrote the attached one
myself (with lots of experimentation)

George Birbilis (birbilis at kagi.com)
Microsoft MVP J# 2004-2006
Borland "Spirit of Delphi"
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