[ODE] New release?

Lode Vanacken lode.vanacken at uhasselt.be
Thu Dec 21 01:44:43 MST 2006

Jason Perkins wrote:

>Erwin Coumans would like to start working on integrating ODE and the
>Bullet continuous collision library. Since this work might take a
>while, I believe it makes sense to push out a new release of ODE
>before he starts. Are there any objections? Is there anything that
>really needs to be done before a new release?
Check the test: "test_trimesh" it does not work when using GIMPACT while 
it does work with Opcode.
See my related post of 8th dec: "possible GIMPACT bug with 
dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSimple", which
I think is where the bug is located. Especially as "test_moving_trimesh" 
do is working.

As this release will contain GIMPACT I would try to make sure that it 
contains as less bugs as possible.
I would try to solve it if I knew the ODE code any better.

Kind Regards,

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