[ODE] Physics Engines comparisons and benchmarks

Erwin Coumans erwin at erwincoumans.com
Tue Dec 19 22:53:10 MST 2006

ODE should be faster then Newton for average to large stacks/simulations.
Recently I've compared Bullet physics engine running in the C4 game engine, 
next to a Newton integration.
Newton was much slower, due to non-linear solver. ODE quickstep is currently 
a bit faster then Bullet's sequential impulse solver, but Bullet has better 
convex collision detection (which is not really an issue, they are both open 
source, and Bullet collision detection will be added as an option to ODE.). 
I've never seen a long term future for Ageia, and having worked on Havok and 
Bullet, I would say Havok is the best if you can/want to afford it, and open 
source (Bullet & ODE) second.

You can read a very recent discussion with the Newton main programmer Julio 
Jerez here:
"Interesting, bit outdated Physics Engine comparison paper"

Erwin Coumans

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> Let me know if you find something.
> To me, Newton looked better in speed and stability
> compared to ODE. Newton has speed issues too but
> seemed better to me.
> Novodex is pretty impressive in performance.
> --- Dimitri Ognibene <dimitri.ognibene at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Where can i find some docs on physical engines and
>> some benchmark
>> suite?
>> I was trying some by my self.. I must write a
>> simulator for an
>> anthropomorphic learning robot...
>> but other then the API I don't know how to compare
>> speed and accuracy
>> is there any benchmark suite or a standard set of
>> test?
>> Or is someone interested in building one?
>> let me know.
>> I'll post this message in every forum I know related
>> to physics
>> engines
>> C u
>> Dimitri Ognibene
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