[ODE] friction stability problems

Philipp Fuernstahl philipp at fuernstahl.at
Thu Dec 14 13:29:55 MST 2006


In my simulation a body is moved and rotated by adding external
forces. The mass of the body is set to 1.
I know that stability problems can occur when applying external
forces, but it currently it is stable.

However, I have serious stability problems when using friction and a mu
value other than dInfinity. Any other value causes the body to behave
randomly. The LCP has errors (s<=0).

The contact points are generated by my own collision detection since i
move a large triangular mesh. The contact points are correct - however
it can happen that several contact points, which are very close
together (not coincident!), may occur.

Without setting the mu value, the contacts joints work fine with my contact
points and normals.

I already searched the archives and found a few mails about similar
problems with the friction value - but no answer which solves my

I appreciate any help or suggestions.

Thanks a lot,

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