[ODE] AMotor Lo/HiStop and Ball joint

Wesley Smith wesley.hoke at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 13:51:35 MST 2006

I can't seem to get the Lo/HiStop parameters of Amotor joints to
properly constrain the angles of a Ball joint.  Here's the setup code:

m_LinkJoints[i] = dJointCreateBall(m_World, 0);
		pos1 = m_ChainLinks[i].position();
		pos2 = m_ChainLinks[i+1].position();

		jointPos[0] = (pos1[0]+pos2[0])/2.;
		jointPos[1] = (pos1[1]+pos2[1])/2.;
		jointPos[2] = (pos1[2]+pos2[2])/2.;
		dJointAttach(m_LinkJoints[i], m_ChainLinks[i].body(),
		dJointSetBallAnchor(m_LinkJoints[i], jointPos[0], jointPos[1], jointPos[2]);		
		m_LinkConstrain[i] = dJointCreateAMotor(m_World, 0);
		dJointAttach(m_LinkConstrain[i], m_ChainLinks[i].body(),
		dJointSetAMotorMode(m_LinkConstrain[i], dAMotorEuler);
		dJointSetAMotorNumAxes(m_LinkConstrain[i], 3);
		dJointSetAMotorAxis(m_LinkConstrain[i], 0, 1, 1, 0, 0);
		dJointSetAMotorAxis(m_LinkConstrain[i], 2, 2, 0, 0, 1);
		dJointSetAMotorParam(m_LinkConstrain[i], dParamLoStop, -30*3.1415/180.);
		dJointSetAMotorParam(m_LinkConstrain[i], dParamHiStop, 30*3.1415/180.);

When I do dJointGetAMotorAngle, I see the angles going way beyond the
+/- 30 degrees I set the values to.  Visually this is what I see as
well.  Am I doing things in the proper order?  Any other ideas?


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