[ODE] Trimesh-Trimesh colision problem

Artur Corrêa arturapps at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 10:46:03 MST 2006

Hi People:

In my game I´m using ODE just for colision Detection . The game doesn´t have
real time Fhysics requirements.

Well...   I generate trimesh data ( vertex list and indexes ) from the same
models I use for 3D rendering. I think the colision models are correct
because the models render correctly.  and the  trimesh creation methods are
quite simple at all.

The problem is : As my spacechip ( a  trimesh )  gets close than  a
spaceStation ( other trimesh )  the near callback function is called  . Ok
but ... even  if my spaceship touches my space station ,   the   dCollide
always returns 0 as the number of contact points.  ( MAX_CONTACTS is defined
10 ).

I ´ve tryed everything I  saw on the Forum , by people who had similar
problems: I inverted  normals , inverted  triangle order and so on ....

Can someone help me please ?

Thank you  !!!!
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