[ODE] Anyone seen this error?

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Fri Dec 8 08:34:09 MST 2006

The FDIV divided by a NaN ?

Or maybe your DLL was built with a different target?
3Dnow, MMX, SSE? Not all extentions are available on all cpus.
(I've seen illegal instructions on my Via C3 processor on code with
 fancy extended instructions).

But you could try sprinkling your code with some dUASSERT(!dIsNan(f)) calls.


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First-chance exception in myprogram.exe (ODE.DLL):
0xC0000090: Float Invalid Operation.

and it pointed to a line that had a fmul in the
dissasembly. How could a floating point instruction be invalid?

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