[ODE] what is wrong with amotor joint?

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Tue Dec 5 07:36:10 MST 2006

Krystian Ligenza wrote:
> why posts regarding AMotor joint are left without answer? Please, if the
> problem of AMotor joint is not with it's implementation, but in bad
> understading of using it, then tell me, and I will be sure that it can
> work good. But if there is no way to make it work good I would like to
> know that and leave it.

amotors are usually used in combination with another joint.

E.g. a Hinge and AMotor on the same two bodies is very common.

Then just read the Hinge angle.

This is e.g. some sample code:

  hinge = dJointCreateHinge(world, 0);
  dJointAttach(hinge, hull_body, turret_body);
  dJointSetHingeAnchor(hinge, initialpos[0]-0.95, initialpos[1],initialpos[2]+0.
  dJointSetHingeAxis(hinge, 0,1,0);
  dJointSetHingeParam(hinge, dParamLoStop, 0.00*M_PI);
  dJointSetHingeParam(hinge, dParamHiStop, 0.50*M_PI);
  dJointSetHingeParam(hinge, dParamCFM,    0.0005);

  amotor = dJointCreateAMotor(world, 0);
  dJointAttach(amotor, hull_body, turret_body);
  dJointSetAMotorNumAxes(amotor, 1);
  dJointSetAMotorAxis(amotor, 0, 1, 0,1,0);
  dJointSetAMotorParam(amotor, dParamVel, 0.0);
  dJointSetAMotorParam(amotor, dParamFMax, 10000);


> Thanks,
> Krystian
>> Hi,
>> don't know what to do. I have set a ragdoll with only few joint that are
>> ball with AMotor to limit its rotation. Limit's don't work on
>> AMotor....there are no dJointGetAMotorAngleRate() function
>> implementation.... OK, I could live with that... But now it's looking that
>>  dJointGetAMotorAngle() return strange angles. I have tried to setup
>> PD-controller to get my ragdoll to certain position and all joint (hinge
>> and universal) work ok, but for AMotor joint it simply don't work good.
>> What is with this joint?
>> Thanks,
>> Krystian
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