[ODE] what is wrong with amotor joint?

Krystian Ligenza s2562 at pjwstk.edu.pl
Tue Dec 5 06:43:31 MST 2006

why posts regarding AMotor joint are left without answer? Please, if the
problem of AMotor joint is not with it's implementation, but in bad
understading of using it, then tell me, and I will be sure that it can
work good. But if there is no way to make it work good I would like to
know that and leave it.


> Hi,
> don't know what to do. I have set a ragdoll with only few joint that are
> ball with AMotor to limit its rotation. Limit's don't work on
> AMotor....there are no dJointGetAMotorAngleRate() function
> implementation.... OK, I could live with that... But now it's looking that
>  dJointGetAMotorAngle() return strange angles. I have tried to setup
> PD-controller to get my ragdoll to certain position and all joint (hinge
> and universal) work ok, but for AMotor joint it simply don't work good.
> What is with this joint?
> Thanks,
> Krystian
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