[ODE] No plane v/s box collision

George Laskowsky glaskows at alumnos.inf.utfsm.cl
Mon Dec 4 11:38:42 MST 2006


void Simulacion::avanzaSim(unsigned long deltaT) {
  static unsigned long delta=0;
  dSpaceCollide(espacio, mundo, &callback);
  while (delta>=50) {
    dWorldStep(mundo, 0.05);

The code is in spanish, but it is easy to see that I am steping every 50
milliseconds (deltaT is also in milliseconds).
¿Do you have more suggestions? I'm getting desperate :´(

Thanks for the replay

> Are you stepping your world?
> if not, then let me say, you have to call some stepping-functions,
> to let the physics-engine "move the bodies around".
> after stepping you should clear the contactjoints.
> christoph
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