[ODE] Question about "New Joint Guide"

Roland Plüss roland at rptd.dnsalias.net
Thu Aug 31 15:42:53 MST 2006

Worked myself through the guide on the homepage about creating new
joints in ODE. Also looked at the ODE code to get a grasp on how things
are implemented from the joint side. So far I have wrestled this all
down and I think I have understood what I need to know. There is one
last thing which I don't full understand though.

During GetInfo1 stage the joint has to provide the 'm' and 'nub' values.
Now my slight problem is what number goes into 'nub' . After the comment
in the header file 'nub' contains the number of rows with "unlimited"
numbers, hence dInfinite. Now for the Ball-Joint this makes sense. The
constraint has dInfinity(3) hence we need 3 rows there. Now the Contact
Joint with no friction has a 'nub' value of 0 but the example constraint
on the guide states that the limits are from 0 to dInfinite(1). So why
is there 0 and not 1?


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