[ODE] Integrating ODE with Vega Prime

Sim Newbie sim.newbie at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 03:21:58 MST 2006

I have developed a vehicle application using Multigen VegaPrime & .NET2003.
I am planning to introduce the vehicle dynamics using ODE, in the same
Multigen application. Has anybody done similar things? The possible approach
I have thought is : build a similar vehicle model with all the joints in
ODE, detect the collision of this model with the actual terrain in Vega,
update the position of the vehicle model in ODE based on the user input,
update the ODE vehicle position to the vehicle in the Main application.

In this case, how do I get/ extract the mesh data of the original openflight
terrain so that I can use it for collision detection with the ODE vehicle.
any other approaches, resources, suggestions?
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