[ODE] Time of contact

Matthias Weigand weigole at gmx.de
Tue Aug 29 14:41:25 MST 2006

Hi one more time,

Lastly i was trying to play a sound, when my objects collide. But the 
contact of the two objects persisted for 6 or more steps and of course 
even longer, if the objects lie upon each other. What is the best method 
to examine, when the real contact took place?
I want to end up with a function like   contact(float weight)  where 
weight is a violence indicator or something similar. Now contact() 
should only be called on "main" contacts or the weight passed for the 
minor collisions should be nearly zero, to easily sort out within contact().

Next thought was to play a sound, if the box slides on the other. How to 
determine friction loss?


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