[ODE] Geom offset

Matthias Weigand weigole at gmx.de
Tue Aug 29 14:20:10 MST 2006

Hi again,

thanks for the link. I added it to the wiki pages. Can someone read it 
through and correct me wherever i'm wrong?

So i suppose, the geom offset is working. What about the Heightfield 
class? Is that already implemented and tested?

Thanks again!

Remi Ricard wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
>> I searched through online documentation and ODE wiki, but i couldn't 
>> find any statements concerning the built-in geom offset functions. 
>> Documentation still wants me to use the Geometry Transform Class to 
>> build composite objects. Are these new functions beta or simply not 
>> documented yet?
> It is not yet in the wiki:
> You can check here:
> http://opende.sourceforge.net/docs/group__collide.html
> Remi
> P.S. If you have time you can add it to the wiki.

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