[ODE] Geom offset when not attached to a body

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Tue Aug 29 11:11:18 MST 2006

Hi Arturo,

> Thanks Jon and Remi for your replies. I've finally done all the geom 
> offset/transformation "by hand" and it works fine.
> But the truth is that I don't see why a body is needed for the offset 
> feature at all. Maybe I'm missing something but I thought the geom offset 
> was a simple transformation applied just before the actual geom 
> transformation, being this one the one taken from its body OR its own 
> internal transformation. In fact, this is exactly what I'm doing in my code.

If you want the find position of the geom in world:
You need position of frame w.r.t world + offset w.r.t. the frame

So the body as the position of the frame and geom as the offset w.r.t. 
the body frame.

But if you don't have the body you need 2 vectors in the geom structure 
and this can take lots of memory when it is not needed.


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