[ODE] Multishaped objects

Pål- Arve Nilsen conn at smsc.no
Tue Aug 29 01:50:47 MST 2006

I have run into a little performance problem with my application.
Im trying to make an simulation of an offshore crane installed on an 
offshore rig. To simulate a wire i use a set of capsules connected with 
my own version of the ball joint. This is in practice a version of a 
fixed joint. I know im not supposed to use fixed joints, but i have done 
some testing and a fixed joint with variable cfm/erp has resulted in the 
best wire, ball joint and universal joint tends to explode. The wire 
should handle load from f.ex. 100 kg to 50 000 kg.

For the collision model of the rig i use a composite object, containing 
over 200 primitives.
Should i instead group the platform into several objects?

The collision respons on the rig is disabled and so is the gravity. The 
crane is connected to a fixed point in space. When i connect the crane 
to a fixed point, i have to set the dBodyEnable( Body ) before each step.

Is there any examples projects on how a bigger project is organized with 

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