[ODE] Should dObStack be trying to allocate 256mb of memory?

Daniel Punch punchenator at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 16:01:29 MST 2006

We're having trouble getting ODE to run on the PS2 Linux kit. Our 
physics code is largely based on the Buggy test code, modified to suit 
our purposes. We're currently using the ODE version off SVN, though we 
have had similar troubles with v6.0

Running a stack trace after the crash gives:

#0 chunk_alloc (ar_ptr=0x2ade7664, nb=16392) at malloc.c:2979
#1 0x2acee3c8 in __libc_malloc (bytes=269213464) at malloc.c:2714
#2 0x2ab02088 in dAlloc (size=269213464) at memory.cpp:72
#3 0x2aaba21c in dObStack::alloc (this=0x10085f70, num_bytes=200) at 

I don't know if correct but it looks like ODE is attempting to allocate 
256.7420mb Being a Playstation 2, we have nowhere near that amount of 
free memory.

The crash seems to occur after the line "dJointID c = 
dJointCreateContact (world,contactgroup,&contact[i]);" The code works as 
intended on a windows PC under Visual Studio 2003, but moving it across 
to the PS2 causes this error.

Any help hugely appreciated,
Daniel Punch

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