[ODE] Empty bodies crash with trimesh

Remi Ricard remi.ricard at simlog.com
Mon Aug 28 13:23:03 MST 2006

Hi Jeff,

> My physics geometry for a non-moveable test world is a single node in 
> OSG with 4 “geometries.” I create these 4 geometries as trimeshes and 
> do not associate bodies with them.
> The problem is that in the NearCallback function, dBodyID b1 and 
> dBodyID b2 are both NULL and dCollide crashes.
> I think this has to do with a wall intersecting a floor and both don’t 
> have bBodyIDs.
> Do I need to check for b1 and b2 both being null and exit that 
> collision callback function?

Yes and no.

If you set your collide and category bits correctly you should not go to 
this function (with a wall and a florr) since there are not movable and 
should not collide.

But You should always check if they are both null you never know.


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