[ODE] dBodyAddForce has no effect

Roland Plüss roland at rptd.dnsalias.net
Mon Aug 28 09:36:56 MST 2006

i read back the force accumulation buffer after dBodyAddForce and after
dWorldQuickStep. the force IS set into the body force buffer but
dWorldQuickStep simply ignores the body force buffer altogether.

how can i make dWorldQuickStep to use body forces?

Roland Plüss wrote:
> trying to fix the problems in the bouncing box case i tried to do things
> with forces instead of setting the velocity directly. but somehow this
> has no effect at all. in front of every dWorldQuickStep i add a gravity
> force doing
> dBodyAddForce( odeCollider->GetBodyID(), 0.0, -9.81, 0.0 );
> but the object is not moving one inch. i even set the gravity to
> ridiculous 10'000N and it still did not move one inch. why does
> dBodyAddForce not work? do i need to enable this function?
> facts:
> - world is properly created
> - body is properly created
> - body has mass distribution set ( set to a box with mass 1.0kg )
> - body is set enabled
> somehow ODE is slowly driving me crazy :/
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