[ODE] dBodyAddForce has no effect

Roland Plüss roland at rptd.dnsalias.net
Mon Aug 28 09:18:29 MST 2006

trying to fix the problems in the bouncing box case i tried to do things
with forces instead of setting the velocity directly. but somehow this
has no effect at all. in front of every dWorldQuickStep i add a gravity
force doing
dBodyAddForce( odeCollider->GetBodyID(), 0.0, -9.81, 0.0 );
but the object is not moving one inch. i even set the gravity to
ridiculous 10'000N and it still did not move one inch. why does
dBodyAddForce not work? do i need to enable this function?

- world is properly created
- body is properly created
- body has mass distribution set ( set to a box with mass 1.0kg )
- body is set enabled

somehow ODE is slowly driving me crazy :/


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