[ODE] automake and version 0.7

Julien Lollivier julien.lollivier at quiris.com
Sun Aug 27 08:41:59 MST 2006


Since stdlib.h is nore more included when I remove the define, compilation fails:
error.cpp: In function 'void dError(int, const char*, ...)':
error.cpp:91: error: 'exit' was not declared in this scope
Same story for abort().

How other projects deals with this ?

Another little things: why the lib/ directory is no more used ?

On Fri, 25 Aug 2006 18:19:22 -0600
Rodrigo Hernandez <kwizatz at aeongames.com> wrote:

> Julien Lollivier wrote:
> >Apart from this, the other problem with HAVE_STDLIB_H symbol is still here  (SourceForge ID 1526450).
> >  
> >
> I removed the define from config.h and seems like we can live without it 
> at least on Windows (MinGW), I'll have to test on Linux durring the 
> weekend and find out, if you want, you can remove the define (after 
> running configure, but before running make) from include/ode/config.h 
> and see if ODE compiles, then let me know of the result.
> Cheers!
> as for a RC, its fine by me.
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