[ODE] ODE-newbie: first step correct?

Klaus Backert Klaus.Backert at t-online.de
Fri Aug 25 16:45:30 MST 2006


I'm new to ODE, and want to ask some questions in order to see if my  
first step is correct.

After having downloaded ODE 0.6, I compiled and linked it  
successfully (with PowerMac G5, Mac OS X 10.4.7, Xcode 2.4, GCC  
4.0.1), resulting in a static library. Only a handful of adaptions  
have been necessary.

Problem 1:
I realized, that there are two header files objects.h in include/ode  
and in ode/src with different contents. According to a recommendation  
in the mailing list archive, I renamed the latter one to  

Is it correct to change just all statements #include "objects.h" to  
#include "objects_internal.h" and leave all statements #include  
<objects.h> unchanged? (As far as I understand, the statements of the  
second kind reference the file objects.h in include/ode. And to be  
correct: I copied all relevant files into my ODE project directory,  
and made the changes there.)

Problem 2:
ODE contains OPCODE, a collision detection engine. I realized, that  
there are many rather long lines filled with  
slashes //////////...////////// in nearly all OPCODE files. First I  
thought, it's garbage, may be created by a download failure. But then  
it looks like the author uses these lines to make the code looking -  
errrm - "nice".

Just to be sure: Are the OPCODE files with slash-lines correct?

Greetings and thank you in advance

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